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We come from a small country in Southern Europe, even though our souls must have come from somewhere else. English is not our first language so feel free to warn us if you find any kind of mistake in our posts. We’ll only thank you. If you haven’t been here from the start, let us introduce ourselves:


Is the male Lara Croft in his head. A real archaeologist. A reader of fantasy and adventure. Plays all kinds of games and will show you how beautiful unreal worlds can be. According to Greek mythology, he was the first thing to exist. In every dictionary, he is the synonym of disorder and confusion. He’s also all that is right in my life. – Fae


She isn’t a real fairy but she has a magical smile that makes my days instantly better. She wants to be a writer and travel around the world. Studies English Literature and the people around her. Although Fantasy is her favourite genre, she reads all kinds of books and will help you choose what to read next. She loves cute animals and is passionate about many things, including me. –  Chaos

The Elfstones of Shannara: The Shannara Chronicles #2 by Terry Brooks

As my first review, I need to introduce you to a story you’ve probably heard about before: The Shannara Chronicles.

Let’s just forget about the annoying MTV adaptation of the book: that is just an insult to Terry Brooks stories.


An ancient evil threatens the Elves and the Races of Man. The Ellcrys, the tree of long-lost Elven magic, is dying and unraveling the spell of Forbidding that locks the hordes of Demons away from the population of the Four Lands. Already the dreadful Reaper is free and only by taking a new seed in the mysterious Bloodfire can the Ellcrys be reborn and the Forbidding made whole.

Only Allanon, the last remaining member of the Druids of Paranor, knows the full extent of the problem, but even the last druid cannot be at two places at the same time.

Therefore, he must ask unlikely heroes for help – including Wil Ohmsford, the grandson of Shea Ohmsford, one of the main characters in The Sword of Shannara, and Amberle Elessedil, the granddaughter of Eventine Elessedil, the King of the Elves.

Elfstones 1st hardcover 1982
The Elfstones of Shannara 1st Hardback Cover (1982)

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We are a couple of humans and we are here to help you decide what to read, watch or play next. You can call me Fae. And you can call me Chaos.

Books will be our main focus since we both like to devour those paper-made things. Seriously?
Hush, I’m trying to be creative here. Okay, so, if you’re interested in fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and adventure books, you’re in the right place. But she reads all kinds of stuff so if you’re not a fan of any of those genres, you might be on the right place anyway.

Yeah, he’s right. You can even expect a review of a poetry book or a memoir. Just be ready for some honesty. Now, about games, please.

Right. Like I read all kinds of books, Chaos plays all kinds of games. And trust me when I say that even if you’re not a big fan of games… You’ll at least be given the chance to find the right game for you.   

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