Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals by Dan Abnett & Nik Vincent

“She was back on the island. On Yamatai. A hellish storm raged all around her.”

The Ten Thousand Immortals is a Tomb Raider novel released in 2014, written by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent. It tells the story of Lara Croft coping with her life after returning from the island of Yamatai. The novel takes place right after the events of Tomb Raider (2013) and before the new Tomb Raider Comic Series.


Back in her London flat Lara and Sam try to get back to their old life. However, for Sam this proves to be too difficult. When a call from the hospital reaches Lara, she is informed that her friend has suffered an overdose of a substance, allegedly trying to end her own life. Sam has left a goodbye letter addressed to Lara in which she explain, that it’s all too much for her to deal with and that she believes that she cannot be saved from Himiko, the Shaman Sun Queen of Yamatai.

Desperate for a solution, Lara searches for anything that could help her. A wisp of hope arising from a myth gives Lara purpose: the story of an ancient and mysterious artifact that could heal her friend.

No matter how thin the trail may be at times, Lara is willing to go wherever she must to find something that will help her friend. The hunt drives Lara across Europe, in a voyage through a twisted web of conspiracy, suspicious contracts, and life-or-death intrigue, as she seeks salvation for her friend and the truth behind the legendary talisman.

the ten thousand immortals
The Ten Thousand Immortals by DK Publishing (2014)

As expected from a Tomb Raider novel, we are offered an invitation into the world of archaeology, history and mythology. This is a fast paced book with plenty of action to go around. One of the things that I really enjoyed about it was getting to know more about Lara’s character. The reader sees through her eyes, knows how she thinks and acts in normal circumstances (like taking a train/subway or simply walking around the streets of London) as well as when she’s under stress or in danger.

It’s no secret that Lara Croft is my favourite character ever and I was really fascinated to see in her some of my own personality traces. She doesn’t trust people easily, is always watching her back and has a really lovely heart for those who are like family to her.

In terms of the secondary characters I couldn’t help but feel that many of them weren’t developed very well when it came to their thoughts and behaviours. However, Lara and Sam were the main characters of this plot and, even though we already know a lot about them from the game, the book offers new perspectives of the two.

Lara’s panic and anxiety attacks are, in my opinion, a major point in the story since we see Lara struggling with them. It’s good to see the issue of panic attacks brought up in a popular entertainment series, considering that lots of people today deal with some form of anxiety and I really think the writers did a good job on describing Lara’s behaviour and feelings on the matter.

This is definitely a book for fans that already have some knowledge from the first game of the new trilogy. It’s a really good book, decently written that kept me hooked from the beginning and one that I think fans of the Tomb Raider series, whether old or new, will dig it. (pun intended)

“What do you know about Jason and the Argonauts?”


The book is currently unavailable but follow this link if you want to discover more Tomb Raider books:

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