The Calling (Endgame #1) by James Frey

Fae and I both read this book and, like in lots of small things, we disagree with each other’s opinions on this one. Endgame is (until now) divided into two books – The Calling and Sky Key – but has also two companions to the main story – The Training Diaries. Its popularity is growing and I am a bit like Smaug so I couldn’t stop myself when I saw its golden cover.


Twelve thousand years ago, strange creatures descended from the sky through fire and smoke, and created mankind. They gave us rules to live by and made us work for them. They came to Earth with one purpose: to get gold. So they built our earliest civilizations to mine it for them. When they had everything they needed, they left. However, they left a message warning us that one day they would come back, and when they did, a game would be played. A game that would determine our future and the life as we know it.

calling endgame hardcover
The Calling: EndGame #1 Hardback cover published by Harper Collins (2014)

Throughout the book, we follow the Players and each of their journeys. You may feel sorry for some of them, you may think some got exactly what they deserved. I was even torn between the two feelings many times. I guess that’s one of the things I liked more about the book.

There is plenty of bloodshed and action. It left me stunned at some point, but also really intrigued to see how things would unfold. The story evolves to an intense finale with plot twists and all kinds of shocking surprises. I can assure you that this story is absorbing and that you won’t stop until you reach the end.I hate the fact that Endgame is constantly compared to The Hunger Games. After reading it I could only notice how totally different they are from each other. The plot is a lot more complex than it seems at first. This book sets up a lot of mystery and that was one of the reasons that I chose to buy it in the first place.

I must say I hate the fact that Endgame is constantly being compared to The Hunger Games. After reading it I could only notice how totally different the stories are from each other. Endgame‘s plot is a lot more complex than it seems at first. There is a lot of mystery involved and that is the key to keep me hooked to any book. Adding archaeological facts and Google’s Niantic Labs augmented reality to the reading is just insane and I loved it.

Will the winner be good or evil? There is only one way to find out.

People of Earth.
Endgame has begun.


Note from Fae:

Endgame doesn’t seem to want us to understand any of its characters. We’re just supposed to accept them as they are: merciless killers, treacherous, vile, arrogant young people. I don’t think I’m the type of reader who is capable of embracing a story whose 12 protagonists suck. But I did finish the book even when I wanted to put it down. Want to guess why? Because it made me curious. Curiosity always matters.

If you want to know more about how Endgame works, click here:

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