About us

We come from a small country in Southern Europe, even though our souls must have come from somewhere else. We’re living in England at the moment.

If you haven’t been here from the start, let us introduce ourselves:


Is the male Lara Croft in his head. A real archaeologist. A reader of fantasy and adventure. Plays all kinds of games and will show you how beautiful unreal worlds can be. According to Greek mythology, he was the first thing to exist. In every dictionary, he is the synonym of disorder and confusion. He’s also all that is right in my life. – Fae


She isn’t a real fairy but she has a magical smile that makes my days instantly better. She wants to be a writer and travel around the world. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing. Now she studies the people around her and makes up worlds in her head. Although Fantasy is her favourite genre, she reads all kinds of books and will help you choose what to read next. She loves cute animals and is passionate about many things, including me. –  Chaos


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