We are a couple of humans and we are here to help you decide what to read, watch or play next. You can call me Fae. And you can call me Chaos.

Books will be our main focus since we both like to devour those paper-made things. Seriously?
Hush, I’m trying to be creative here. Okay, so, if you’re interested in fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and adventure books, you’re in the right place. But she reads all kinds of stuff so if you’re not a fan of any of those genres, you might be on the right place anyway.

Yeah, he’s right. You can even expect a review of a poetry book or a memoir. Just be ready for some honesty. Now, about games, please.

Right. Like I read all kinds of books, Chaos plays all kinds of games. And trust me when I say that even if you’re not a big fan of games… You’ll at least be given the chance to find the right game for you.   

Yup. He’ll surely help you with that. I never thought I would spend my time playing until he showed me some of the games he will show you too. If your weak spot is beautiful things, you should consider staying with us.  

You’re my weak spot. Come on, love.

Sorry! Hm, I’m forgetting something. The movies.

Oh, yeah. The movies we will comment on will only be film adaptations of books we’ve read or want to read. We will keep you up to date about new releases, trailers and all kinds of news about the movies we really want to watch. I think that’s it, well done. Maybe it’s time to start.

Yes, let’s do this. Be careful with our reviews. They’re dangerous things. We should tell you why, but we’ll leave that for you to find out.



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